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Alleged school killer Dimitrios Pagourtzis had a fondness for trench coats and a growing darkness

He had no run-ins with police, was an honor roll student and had been praised for his defensive work on the junior varsity football team. Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, projected a nondescript demeanor, a quiet loner who regularly wore a trench coat to school, even on scorching hot days. He had been bullied by classmates and coaches, one acquaintance said.
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Selling Girls | Sex traffickers are targeting American children

We talk about jobs and taxes and pay checks, but here’s what we don’t talk about: right here, in the United States, there is a thriving underground economy based on selling children for sex. If sex sells, then business is good. It was almost a billion dollars, according to an Urban Institute 2014 study.
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Months after Harvey, tens of thousands of students remain homeless

HOUSTON - The tiny trailer with its battered blinds is parked outside a carwash. For weeks, Laura Cortes, her mom and three siblings called the trailer home. Their house in Pasadena flooded. “We were already planning on moving to a bigger house, trying to find a bigger house for us,” Cortes said. Instead, her family of five crowded into the camper, so cramped they could barely turn around inside. Link to Story

Inside the confusion and contradictions surrounding the Arkema chemical explosion

A city underwater. Tens of thousands washed from their homes across Houston. But what no one realized at the time, was within days, the world would turn its attention to a small patch of land in northeast Houston, and the explosive situation that would force one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers to admit it made mistakes, and tell the world it needs to do better. Link to Story


A police officer points his handgun at an object blocked from the view of the camera. The officer’s right arm, the one with a portrait of a woman tattooed, holds the gun steady. A beam of light shines on a man in a blood-stained white shirt as he takes his dying breaths. His blood trickles over the pavement. Link to Story

A letter to my dad: This was next year, the Cubs are champions

You know that Mark Prior jersey you bought me as my Christmas present in 2003? More use than the year I got crayon all over the back of it after leaning up against the wall at Giordano’s Pizzeria off Jackson. You remember the time you took Mom, Megan and me there and you let us sign the walls, too? Link to Story

‘End yourselves': Councilwomen threatened after voting against Seattle’s NBA arena

Seattle City Councilwoman Sally Bashaw explains her “no” vote on the issue of whether to vacate a stretch of road where an investor hopes to eventually build an arena that could house an NBA and NHL team. The female majority all voted no, then received emails filled with threats. Lorena González had encountered sexism in the workplace before.
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There’s much more to Rice’s Luke Turner than a viral video

Before he choked back tears in his final press conference as a Rice Owl, before the video of that press conference went viral, before ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi came to interview him for a College GameDay feature, Rice senior Luke Turner was known around the university’s football program simply as Bob. He used to be a nobody.
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Saying goodbye to Tal’s Hill

Tal’s Hill will be shoveled away at the end of the season to make room for pints and plastic seats. For 16 years, the embankment in centerfield at Minute Maid Park drew sharper lines than its 30-degree incline. Jeff Marshall II grew up with the hill that was untouchable to most hitters and avoided by outfielders.
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Game of life has special meaning to 14-year-old Walker Johnson

"Walker, wake up! Wake up, Walker!" Carey Johnson pleaded as he moved his right hand across Walker's stomach, like a father trying to raise his son from a deep slumber. "Come back to us!" But Walker wasn't sleeping. His eyes had rolled back in his head. His tongue drooped from his mouth. "He's not breathing," said Jack Barry, the father of Walker's best friend and baseball teammate.
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From 74 feet to NBA-size, high school basketball courts come in all sizes (slideshow, graphics)

Written out, the letters take up very little space. The numbers, even less. But the size of a 94- by 50-foot basketball court is anything but small. A few high school courts in Northeast Ohio measure 94 by 50. Most measure 84 by 50. One measures a mere 74 by 42, the smallest regulation size for a high school court.
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Mind over Matter: An examination of sports concussions, medical research and treatment history

NFL Rookies learn about concussions in health symposium For years, the NFL denied that the game it paid its employees millions to play could result in concussions. This year, at its Rookie Health Symposium, concussions were part of the topics discussed. A timeline of concussions and the NFL: This expansive timeline has got it covered from the original from three-leather strap headgear to chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the NFL's role through the years.
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